How do I get Flat Abs?

Abdominal and oblique muscles can be strengthened by crunches and sit-ups, but usually fat can only be reduced through diet and cardiovascular exercise.
A diet rich in nutritious, high-fiber vegetables and fruits can help a person lose fat.
Regular workouts and a healthy diet can lead to flat abs.
Doing sit-ups can help strengthen the abdominal muscles and burn fat in the abdominal region.
Cutting back on foods that are heavy in carbs can help someone get flat abs.
Oatmeal is low in cholesterol.
Losing weight is the best way to get rid of a muffin top, though targeting a specific area, like the stomach, may not be possible.
Reverse crunches help work the lower abdominal muscles of the stomach.
Fresh fruit is part of a diet for flat abs.
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Flat abs are almost always the result of regular exercise and a strict diet. In most cases, it is not possible to achieve a firm, flat abdominal region without combining a healthy diet with exercise. For example, a person who exercises regularly and even targets the abdominal area might not be able to get flat abs if he also eats a diet heavy in carbs, fats, sugar, and processed foods. Instead, a person should consume a diet that has the right number of calories for his age, sex, and regular level of activity. Furthermore, the calories in one's diet should primarily come from healthy foods that are low in refined sugar, salt, and fat.

A good diet for flat abs would likely be made up mostly of lean meats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. A good breakfast for someone trying to achieve flat abs might be a cup of oatmeal with berries, a touch of brown sugar, and skim milk. A good lunch would be grilled chicken or fish with a large helping of steamed vegetables and a small serving of whole grains such as quinoa, wheat berry, or brown rice. Dinner could be a large spinach salad topped with chopped turkey and a low-calorie dressing. These foods might not be as inexpensive as some processed options, but they are much healthier and will help lead to flat abs.


Not only is it important to target the abs during exercise, but aerobic or cardiovascular exercises are also very helpful in achieving flat abs. These sorts of exercises will help to burn fat, which, in turn, will help to reduce the amount of fat covering the belly and abdominal region. If someone has very strong abdominal region but still has a thick layer of fat covering the area, the muscles will not be visible and the area will protrude outwards.

It is important to remember that one should always consult a doctor before making major dietary changes or embarking on a strenuous exercise regimen. Although eating well and exercising are important, making sudden and major changes to one's lifestyle can shock the body and have adverse effects. For people who are already relatively fit but are just improving their diets and gradually increasing their amount of regular exercise, this may not be necessary, especially if they have received clean bills of health as part of annual physicals. But anyone who does not fit this description should see a doctor to discuss his plans.


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