How Do I Fix a Sagging Mattress?

A sagging mattress can be replaced if it is still under warranty.
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There are several ways to fix a sagging mattress depending on the source of the problem, including replacing the box frame, supporting the mattress with blankets, and getting it replaced by its warranty. In some cases, the box frame is so damaged that it cannot properly hold up the mattress anymore, in which case it needs replacement. Sometimes the mattress itself is broken, but it can be padded using blankets until you can comfortably afford to buy a new mattress. In addition, if you still have your proof of purchase, your mattress might qualify for replacement under its original warranty, so contact the manufacturer to inquire.

Sometimes a sagging mattress is caused by the supportive box spring that holds it up. Check the box spring for broken, rotting, or warped boards. The box spring can develop a problem over time and not be noticed until there is an obvious problem with the mattress’s comfort. For example, an excessive amount of moisture can accumulate because of a leak, thereby slowly rotting the boards of the box spring. You can fix this problem by sealing any leaks, purchasing an entirely new box spring, or at least replacing the damaged boards.


If the box spring of a sagging mattress seems intact, the problem may lie with the mattress itself. In the case of spring mattresses, which are mattresses containing hundreds of springs to support the body, some springs might be broken. You can usually tell when springs are broken by removing all covers from the bed and looking at the mattress. Springs often start to break in the middle of the bed or wherever the most pressure is applied on a regular basis. Fixing the springs is usually not a financially smart move, so many people fold a blanket to place on the broken area to pad it.

A good majority of mattresses come with a warranty to guarantee they last a certain number of years. If you still have the receipt to the mattress or other proof of purchase, contact the manufacturer to request a replacement. In general, they will likely refuse to replace the mattress for several specific reasons: either you do not have the receipt, the mattress is not sagging enough to meet replacement requirements, or the mattress’s age exceeds the warranty’s guarantee. Some manufacturers are well known for failing to fix a sagging mattress even when it meets requirements, so try to research their background before buying a new mattress.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- I second the memory foam idea. You can use a regular memory foam and cut it up as you like. Or they sell mattress toppers especially for sagging that's made of memory foam in stores. A very thin sheet of wood on top of the box spring is also effective. If you have neither, you can place thin pillows underneath the mattress.

The most ideal solution is prevention. Sagging can be prevented by rotating a new mattress every month.

Post 2

@burcidi-- You can place memory foam or a piece of cardboard between the mattress and the box spring. Just place it where there is a dip and it will provide extra support there so you can lie on it more comfortably.

There are also certain products that can be placed underneath the mattress and air pumped to get rid of sagging but I'm not sure if you would want to invest in one of those.

It might also help to turn the mattress over if it's a double-sided mattress. The other side might not have sagged so badly.

Post 1

I can't afford to change my sagging mattress right now and I don't have any extra blankets. It's very annoying to sleep on. What can I do?

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