How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Hairstyle?

A couple getting married.
A tiara may be worn at weddings.
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Choosing the best wedding hairstyle is entirely up to your personal preferences, but there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. It is important to consider factors like the length and type of hair that you have, as this could possibly rule out certain styles. The overall theme of the wedding, and the look of your dress is another important consideration. For instance, for a very formal wedding you might want an updo with a jeweled tiara or headpiece, but a more casual wedding might match better with a looser, more flowing hairstyle. Remember that your wedding hairstyle should be comfortable and able to last all day, even through dancing.

Your face shape as well as hair length and hair type all play a big role in the wedding hairstyle you choose. For instance, if you have a very square or round face, you might want to leave the hair down to balance it out, while a longer, oval face might look nicer with an updo to highlight delicate features. If you have very short hair, an updo might not be possible. In addition, women with thin hair might find that the hair does not hold styles or curl very well, so it is important to keep this in mind as well. A hairstylist will be able to provide specific advice in this area.


The overall look of the wedding is an important consideration when selecting a wedding hairstyle as well. If you are having a very formal, evening wedding, a formal updo, classic twist, or chignon tend to be the most appropriate choices. Many women will also add a formal, long veil, or a jeweled headpiece like a tiara. For a more casual wedding, such as one that takes place in the morning or outdoors, a looser hairstyle might look very nice. For instance, soft curls that fall around the shoulders can be a great look.

There are additional considerations for a wedding hairstyle that will also be specific to your wedding. For instance, if the wedding will be outside in the summertime, you might want a more controlled updo that will not frizz in hot weather. If you will be dancing a lot, and you know your hair does not hold style well, you might also want a more controlled style. The dress might also play a role; if you have a strapless dress, for instance, you might want to wear the hair up to highlight the collar bones, or leave a few curled pieces down for a more delicate look.


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