How Do I Choose the Best Surveillance Camera System?

A surveillance camera monitors and records activity within a home or business.
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Today there are many types of video cameras available for all forms of monitoring. These cameras vary from discreet nanny cams to more elaborate advanced surveillance equipment. A surveillance camera system is a video system that records and monitors the activity within a home, store or business. The best form of surveillance system is self monitored, requiring minimal maintenance.

A surveillance camera system is typically used in malls and department stores. Typically a security officer monitors the cameras from a special video monitoring room. When suspicious activity is detected, theses videos can be used to record and track the suspicious activity.

Cameras are available in many sizes. Many small cameras can be hidden in purses, shoes, pens, or sun glasses. This form of surveillance camera system is used by private investigators to track and monitor individuals. These systems are typically configured to work with surveillance video equipment, which enables the recording and tracking of individuals.

Some of the best surveillance camera systems are connected to the Internet. This type of application provides a method to monitor an area while working in a remote facility. Having the ability to review an area from a remote location is one of the best forms of surveillance. This provides remote safety while enabling constant view of a situation.


Most video surveillance systems use close circuit television (CCTV) to transmit video signals to special monitors. CCTV uses special frequencies to pick up the signals from a surveillance camera system. These monitors are typically wired locally to a facility with the camera.

Many cameras are available with special infrared monitoring devices. This enables the cameras to view objects in the dark. Infrared technology has been available for several decades for use by the military and commercial security operations. Today it can be purchased for a reasonable price, which makes it a good choice for home security systems.

Several automobiles also offer remote camera systems. These systems provide the driver with a video view of the surroundings around the automobile. Most automotive camera systems are integrated into the entertainment system of the car. This makes them seamless for the driver to use.

Law enforcement agencies use surveillance camera equipment to track undercover investigations. This video technology is integrated into undercover officers' clothing, which enables the remote tracking of communications with criminal suspects. A separate group of officers typically monitors the communication through remote vehicles.


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