How Do I Choose the Best Shower Tile Grout?

Shower grout should be sealed to keep it clean and protected.
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To choose the right shower tile grout for a project, you need to look at the type and color of the tiles that will be used. If the tiles are going to be positioned very close together, an unsanded grout is the right one to use. For a project that calls for tiles that will be positioned wider apart, sand should be added to the grout before application. The tile grout must also be treated with a sealer to protect it.

When the joints between the tiles are 1/8 inch (0.317 centimeters) apart or less, unsanded shower tile grout provides a smooth finish. Tiles made by a machine are meant to be installed closer together than the ones that are produced by hand. This product is made of cement and certain pigments, which are then mixed with water.

If you are planning to use large tiles on the floor of the shower area, you will want to use a product that can stand up well to the wear and tear of being stepped on regularly. Sanded shower tile grout is the best choice for this application. It has the durability needed for a high traffic area like this.


If you are going to be using handmade tiles in the shower, you will need to use a grout that has sand added to it. These tiles are meant to be positioned further apart than machine-manufactured ones. The added sand gives the grout a heavier consistency and helps to keep it from shrinking as it dries.

The quality of shower tile grout products on the market has improved in recent years, and today's products are much more durable. For one thing they are much less brittle than previous versions. The modern grout also provides a more uniform color when it dries.

When a new shower is being installed, part of the process should include making sure that the shower tile grout is sealed. This product is porous and can become stained if it is not protected properly. The best type of sealant is one that can penetrate the grout.

A sealant product that can soak into the shower tile grout and the tile itself is the best choice. It is much more durable than one that simply sits on the surface of the tile. To get the best results and keep the grout looking good, the grout sealant should be applied with a cotton swab or a small disposable brush.


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