How Do I Choose the Best Shower Curtain Rod?

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For best results when choosing a shower curtain rod, it is important to first determine the correct size of curtain rod needed. Next, decide if you need a straight or curved rod. Typically, curved rods are chosen for small showers or tubs, as they can easily create a more spacious look. In addition, those who are purchasing a new shower curtain rod should choose between a metal or plastic materials. While plastic rods may be less expensive and available in more colors, they usually are not as durable as their metal counterparts.

One of the most important first steps when choosing a new shower curtain rod is to look for a rod that is of the right length. Carefully measure the area where the rod will be placed, and remember that, while it is often possible to make a rod that is too large smaller, it is almost impossible to make a rod that is too small larger.

Next, determine what style of curtain rod you want and which is best for the bathroom. The two most common types are standard, straight rods, and curved rods. Usually, curved rods are used by individuals who have relatively small tubs or showers, and who are looking for a way to make the area seem roomier. Individuals who are interested in a more standard, traditional tub or shower often prefer the straight rod.


Another important step is determining what type of material the rod should be made from. Most are made from either plastic or metal. While metal is typically much more durable than plastic, it can sometimes be difficult to find one in the appropriate color or finish. In addition, metal rods can be quite expensive, depending on the specific type of material used. In contrast, plastic rods are usually relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Plastic curtain rods may not be as durable as their metal counterparts, however, and may need to be replaced more often.


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