How Do I Choose the Best Raw Peanuts?

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Raw peanuts are chosen over packaged versions so that you can boil or roast them. The best raw peanuts are considered to be green, but they are not necessarily that particular color. True green peanuts are those that are fresh, and may also still be in the shell if you are roasting them for a particular recipe. Raw versions of peanuts are not common in grocery store chains, as the packaged ones are already cooked. Avoid peanuts that are soft in texture, as this is indicative of spoilage.

Commercial peanuts are those that have already been cooked. Therefore, when you are looking for the best types with which to cook, you need to search for raw or green peanuts. These are sometimes available in supermarkets, but they are not packaged in the same way as cooked nuts in tins. Raw peanuts are generally available from farmers and they can even be bought in bulk directly from a distributor. The latter method is the most cost effective if you plan to cook peanuts often, or if you need a mass quantity of them.


Although packaged peanuts can be added to a variety of different recipes, such as stir fry dishes, raw versions are needed if you want to cook boiled or roasted peanuts from scratch. Boiled peanuts are shelled and cooked in hot water brine for up to seven hours at a time. Roasted peanuts are generally baked in conventional ovens, but they are also a good outdoor snack to cook over a fire. When you roast peanuts, you can either keep them inside of the shells or take them off before the cooking process.

When looking for nuts, it is important that they are hard in texture and are not slimy. This process might be challenging if you plan on roasting the nuts in the shells. If possible, take the shell off of one to see if you can determine whether the particular batch of peanuts is fresh or not. In many cases, you might a lot of shelled peanuts and find a few bad ones in your batch. Soft raw peanuts indicate that the food is spoiled. Discard any spoiled peanuts immediately.

One benefit to peanuts is that they can last for a long time when stored properly. Boiled peanuts tend to have the greatest longevity because they can be frozen. All cooked peanuts can be stored in the refrigerator if you do not plan on eating them right away. Once the nuts become soft, it is time to get rid of them in order to avoid any food-related illnesses.


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