How do I Choose the Best Pedicure Chair?

An upscale spa may offer pedicure chairs with an Ipod dock or built-in entertainment system.
A woman getting a pedicure.
Podiatrists' offices may choose function over comfort for their pedicure chair.
A pedicure chair may help facilitate foot massages after pedicures.
Toenails with a French pedicure.
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Pedicure chairs are built to massage a person's back as he or she receives a pedicure. Typically, the chairs have cupholders, magazine racks, and special jet streams that massage the feet. The upholstery on a pedicure chair can be an important item for a person to pay attention to, as most people don't want an unpleasant skin irritation as they get out of the chair. Controlled heat for the water can be an important factor, as well — a person usually cannot be expected to place his or her feet in water that is too hot or too cold. To choose the best chair, you most likely will need to keep all of these features in mind, as well as quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

An option that you might want to consider in your search is to observe as many chairs as you can in as many different salons as possible. Keep an eye out for customer discomfort as he or she steps into the chair. Also, observe the comfort and relaxation levels of the customer as he or she sits in the chair during the pedicure. An uncomfortable chair can be a detriment to both the customer and the business.


If you are the owner of a spa or salon, you can usually find the best pedicure chair for your business on the Internet. While you might not be prepared to spend a fortune on getting a salon started, the choice of a pedicure chair typically should depend on what type of business you intend to have. If you are aiming to be a luxury-oriented spa, then you might consider purchasing a chair with more features; if you are only interested in high customer turnover, then you might consider a model with fewer options.

For a more luxury-oriented spa, you might consider a high-end model, such as the Forte, which has an auto massage cycle, or the iSpa, which doubles as an entertainment and learning center. The iSpa has speakers and an iPod dock built-in to the egg-shaped chair, which also provides the mandatory massage. Future models are promising to have a built-in laptop table and Internet connection, as well.

Salon owners whose main concern is turning over as many customers as possible in a given day might consider purchasing pedicure chairs that will help create a client base. Typically, owners will have to choose a chair based on cost. The number of pedicure chairs in these type of salons can range anywhere from two to 35, or more.

Not all pedicure chairs are created equal. Many of the lower-end chairs have piped tubs that have a history of not draining completely, thereby trapping residue from the previous pedicure. This type of chair can result in an environment that could promote infection. The best pedicure chair, no matter how ergonomic and comfortable, could chase customers away if they know it carries unsanitary water.


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I enjoy getting a pedicure every few months, and my favorite pedicure chairs have built-in massage and heat. I think that salon owners should invest in these types of chairs for their customers. They are especially comfortable during cold months when a warm, cozy chair is appreciated.

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If you are looking for the most comfortable pedicure chair for your salon business, you should check out models that are upholstered with soft, flexible leather or simulated leather. If the material is too thick or stiff like some leathers can be, the customers will feel like they are sliding out of the chair instead of feeling comfortable and relaxed. This is important because comfort is a major part of the experience of being pampered during a pedicure.

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