How Do I Choose the Best Men's Luggage?

Luggage with pull out handles and small roller wheels are great for men who travel frequently.
A sturdy suitcase with wheels may be a good choice for those planning on checking luggage.
Dark brown, tan and black luggage can complement business attire.
Luggage should be tested for size and weight before a trip so that it doesn't impede travel.
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Choosing the best men's luggage typically depends on the preference, taste and budget of the individual traveler. When buying luggage, it is important to choose a matching set that can handle both heavy and light travel loads. This will enable the man many luggage options for short trips or long business journeys. Luggage should be both durable and portable. Most modern luggage includes retractable wheels and handles, which are convenient options for travelers.

Men’s luggage is typically made from heavy-duty material and is dark in color. Most men prefer brown, black, or tan luggage. This presents a professional image that matches both casual and business attire. A luggage set should be purchased in groups of three to ensure matching items are available for all types of travel options.

There are a few types of luggage available. These include small handbags, large suitcases, suit luggage carriers, and small roller handbags. Most businessmen require suit luggage carriers for business suits. These special packs are available in most luggage sets.

Leather luggage is an elegant form of men’s luggage. These sets are fairly pricey compared to standard luggage, but add a touch of class to the business traveler's ensemble. This luggage can be purchased individually or as an entire set and typically includes all the necessary pieces for a frequent traveler.


A carry-on duffle bag is an essential piece of any men’s luggage set. This is a small bag that can be easily stored in overhead compartments of airplanes and trains. These bags are available in many types of material and colors and are typically large enough to store enough clothes and other necessities for a few nights.

Rolling duffle bags are another good option in men’s luggage. These are small bags that include pull-out handles and small roller wheels. Rolling duffle bags are large enough to store small amounts of clothes, while being small enough to carry onto an airplane.

Heavy-duty men’s luggage available may be made of polycarbonate, plastic, and carbon material. Most heavy-duty luggage is designed to secure precious material and is practically bullet proof. The color of heavy-duty luggage is typically limited and includes solid black, brown, or gray. This type of luggage is heaver than standard luggage but provides added security for important items.

Most modern luggage features security locks. Locks typically come in either keyed dead bolts or password combination sets. These types of luggage provide an added security feature for business travelers who travel with sensitive information.


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Post 4

@MrSmirnov - I think that men's leather luggage is great for carry-on baggage because it looks professional and is sturdy enough to take a few knocks. I think you are too worried though about caring for your leather. It is honestly really easy.

My husband has a nice men's leather briefcase and he just wipes it down with a damp paper towel every once in awhile if it is looking dusty. You can also buy some leather conditioner, but you don't need to do that very often. Maybe once every six months or so, or where you get a really bad scuff. Honestly, leather is lovely and not as hard to take care of as some people think. It is a great choice for luggage for men.

Post 3

Do you think that leather luggage bags are a good option if you just want to have carry-on pieces?

I am going to be quite a bit of traveling for business and I am hoping that I can get away with some sort of briefcase luggage and a carry-on, as I absolutely hate packing a lot of stuff. If I can avoid having to retrieve checked baggage all the better.

I like the idea of a nice men's leather briefcase and carry-on, but am worried that it will require a lot of upkeep. I don't want to have to constantly wipe down my luggage to keep it looking stylish and clean.

Post 2

@EdRick - I think these days, the people with expensive designer luggage use luggage delivery services! I'm sure those placed take good care of it, but I've never used one myself and will probably never have that kind of money!

I have exactly one criterion for my luggage: practicality. Will it last forever? Is it easy to carry? Does it hold exactly the items I want to bring? And most importantly, will it fit in the overhead bin? I don't care if it has Hello Kitty all over it as long as it answers "yes" to those questions.

Post 1

Does anyone remember the days when traveling with new luggage meant you were "common"? Your luggage was supposed to be worn, showing that you had always had money and travelled often. Guess those little clues have gone by the wayside.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with fancy Italian leather luggage if I was ever going to check my bags. Haven't you ever seen an airport luggage cart standing out in the rain? But I suppose experienced business travelers never check bags anymore. I don't travel all that often, but I haven't checked a bag in years. It's just not practical anymore.

Even a garment bag can go in the overhead bin if it is selected carefully and packed correctly. I've been able to get away for several days with nothing but a "personal item" (like an attache case or satchel) and a garment bag! Very practical.

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