How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Multivitamin?

Some kid's multivitamins may be in pill form.
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Many parents are concerned about their children getting the proper nutrition. It is best for children to get their nutrition from a healthy and balanced diet, but it is not always practical. As a result, many people feel that it is necessary to incorporate a kids’ multivitamin into children’s diets. Choosing the best kids’ multivitamin is an important task, because too much of some things, such as iron, might be harmful to a child’s body. In order to pick the best kids’ multivitamin, make note of vitamins he or she might be deficient in so you can provide these vitamins through the multivitamin, look for a liquid that is more quickly digested, and look for a multivitamin that does not add unnecessary sugar to the child’s diet.

Many experts feel that children should get all of their nutrition from the foods they eat. This is a great way to provide vitamins and minerals, but for some, it just is not practical. If you feel that a child is deficient in certain areas, look for a kids’ multivitamin that includes these items, and give that multivitamin to the child. Always try to add vitamins by changing the child’s diet first, but if this cannot be done, the multivitamin might be a great option. Be very careful to make sure that the child is not getting too much of any one vitamin or mineral, because this might be harmful to his or her health.


A liquid multivitamin might be easier for a child’s body to digest, and his or her body can use more of the vitamins in the liquid. The liquid form allows the nutrients to pass more efficiently into the bloodstream, instead of having to digest a pill and extract the nutrients. In addition, many children prefer the liquid over the pill, because it might have less of a chalky texture and a better taste. If using a liquid, be sure you have the proper measuring instrument to ensure administration of the correct dose.

It is very important to remember to look for a kids’ multivitamin that does not contain a great deal of added sugar. A great-tasting multivitamin will be easier to administer to a child, but if it is putting extra sugar into his or her body, it is not good for him or her. Unnecessary sugar might contribute to health problems and childhood obesity, so it is best not to add it into a child’s diet in unnecessary ways. Natural sweeteners are a great alternative.


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