How Do I Choose the Best Holistic Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Probiotics capsules are an effective remedy for bacterial vaginosis.
A peeled clove of garlic can be wrapped in gauze and inserted in the vagina to naturally treat bacterail vaginosis.
A tampon soaked in plain yogurt can be used to treat bacterial vaginosis.
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There are a number of holistic cures available to treat bacterial vaginosis. Remedies often include increasing the intake of foods such as yogurt or using solutions and washes on the area. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common form of vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina. The disease is caused when the number of bacteria normally present in the vagina increases, overwhelming the other types of microorganisms.

Holistic cures for bacterial vaginosis offer the unique potential to permanently eliminate bacterial vaginosis. Many women suffer repeated bouts of this ailment and undergo antibiotic treatment every time. Repeated use of antibiotics can cause the bacteria to become immune. It can also lead to yeast infection, another kind of vaginitis. Many holistic cures for bacterial vaginosis center around dietary changes, which can be continued after the infection has been treated.

These holistic cures for bacterial vaginosis will also treat yeast infections. Picking the best one for your situation will depend upon your comfort level. Some treatments involve inserting things into your vagina, while others involve taking supplements or changing your diet. Before beginning these or any other holistic cures for bacterial vaginosis, consult your health care provider to make sure that bacteria is the cause of your symptoms.


The acidophilus in yogurt is a common way to restore the acidity level of the vaginal environment. Eating yogurt is a good way to introduce yogurt into the body. Acidophilus can also be ingested in pill form, or a powder that may be mixed into food or drinks. Alternatively, these acidophilus preparations may be inserted vaginally. You can soak a tampon in plain yogurt, and insert it into the vagina.

Douching can eliminate bacteria in the vagina if you use preparations with certain additives. There are medicated douches available to treat bacterial vaginosis. These are commercially available. You can make your own douche by mixing one tablespoon vinegar with one quart of warm water. This will restore the acidity of the vagina.

Eating garlic can help fight bacteria in the body. If you don't like to eat garlic, you can insert a clove vaginally. It should be peeled and wrapped in gauze. Vitamin supplements, particularly folic acid and vitamins A and C, can help restore the vaginal environment. Vitamin E solution can be applied vaginally to soothe irritation.

Permanent dietary changes can also be helpful for both the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis as well as other forms of vaginitis. Cutting out cheese, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, and foods containing mold will help keep the vaginal flora in balance. It is also helpful to avoid fruits, although this may be hard for some women to achieve. If your nutrition is less than optimal, do not cut fruits from your diet.

Boric acid capsules can treat bacterial vaginosis when inserted vaginally. You should insert one capsule nightly, and leave it in place while you sleep. A panty liner will be useful, since there will be some discharge.


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