How Do I Choose the Best Herbal Treatment for Acne Scars?

Aloe vera is a common ingredient in acne products, since it's antibacterial and moisturizing.
A close up of acne.
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Choosing the best herbal treatment for acne scars is an individualized process that may require a bit of trial and error, as everyone responds differently to the various treatment options. Some of the herbs that are frequently used to treat acne scars include chamomile, lemon juice, and vitamin E oil. Aloe vera, tea tree oil, and vitamin A may also be beneficial treatment options. Before beginning an herbal treatment for acne scars, a doctor should be consulted to discuss safety issues and contraindications. Some herbs affect the way that certain medications work, and those with specific health concerns may be advised against the use of some herbal remedies.

Chamomile is thought to be a helpful herbal treatment for acne scars and can be used alone or in combination with lemon juice to soothe the skin and bleach the scars, making them less noticeable. Patience is key, as these treatment methods may need to be used for several weeks before noticeable results occur. Some people may experience allergic reactions when using chamomile, so the development of a rash, facial swelling, or breathing difficulty should be reported to a doctor immediately. Lemon juice can cause mild to moderate skin irritation in some cases and should not be used on open sores or near the eyes.

Vitamin E oil is frequently recommended as an effective herbal treatment for acne scars. The natural healing effects of this vitamin aid in healing and may also reduce the appearance of blemishes such as acne scars. Many people have reported added benefits when also taking a vitamin E supplement. Largely considered to be safe, high doses of this vitamin may cause stomach upset and increase the risks of having a stroke or developing certain forms of cancer.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil are known for their abilities to heal the skin and may be particularly beneficial for treating scars and blemishes. Minor skin irritation is possible when these products are used full strength, so it may be wise to add a few drops to a favorite moisturizer. Vitamin A promotes the production of collagen, making it an ideal herbal treatment for acne scars. Foods such as carrots and spinach are high in this important nutrient, and over-the-counter supplements are also available. This vitamin is often added to moisturizers and other skin care products due to the healing and soothing properties it reportedly possesses.

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