How Do I Choose the Best Durable Luggage?

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The types of luggage available for consumers has changed considerably over the years, and some of the most durable luggage on the market has been developed after many decades of trial and error. When choosing the best durable luggage, it is important to consider not just durability, but also ease of use, weight, cost, and functionality. Start by determining what you will be using the luggage for, as well as how often you will use the luggage and how many items you will be storing. Luggage used for storing electronics will often be different than luggage used for clothing, so carefully consider your needs before purchasing.

Traveling with electronics such as cameras, laptops, or other expensive equipment will require a certain type of durable luggage. These units are usually more heavy-duty than luggage units used for clothing, and they often feature foam padding inside to keep the electronic units from shifting during transport. The outer shell will be a thick plastic that is rugged enough to withstand direct impacts, and the case will be hinged in most cases for easy access to items. Choose a case that features a sturdy handle or even a telescoping handle and wheels for rolling the unit through airports and train stations.


If you plan on storing primarily clothing and toiletry items in your durable luggage, you may want to consider hard shell luggage, though some soft shell luggage is quite durable and usually lighter. Soft luggage will also expand more easily to allow you to overstuff the luggage. Hard shell luggage usually will not expand too much, so once the luggage is full, it will be difficult to squeeze that last pair of pants inside. Durable materials such as nylon or vinyl can be used to make a soft shell case, and this durable luggage often features heavy duty zippers for added strength.

Don't forget to consider ease of use. Your durable luggage should feature telescoping handles to allow you to pull the unit behind you, and it should feature plastic or gel wheels that are long lasting. Gel wheels are much quieter than plastic wheels, but they will wear out more quickly than plastic wheels. The gel wheels can be replaced easily, and they are readily available for purchase online or in stores. Plastic wheels are quite durable, though they do tend to be loud, especially on asphalt or other uneven surfaces.


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