How Do I Choose the Best Crystal Nail File?

Choosing a durable crystal nail file can help ensure that the file will last for years.
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When deciding which crystal nail file is best, the health of the nail and the intended use should be taken into consideration. A nail file with a finer grit is typically best for nails that damage easily, while a coarse grit is usually good for strong nails. Choosing a double crystal nail file with pumice may be the best way to get maximum use out of the new nail file; the pumice on the alternate side of the crystal nail file is made with a coarser grit, giving the crystal nail file more versatility. Nail files made using recycled crystal with pumices tend to be expensive, but quality crystal files can often be used for years.

Crystal nail files generally are best for use on natural nails. The finer grit on a crystal file helps to reduce the chances of tearing or scratching during use. Individuals with fragile nails and nail health problems generally benefit more from higher quality crystal nail files, such as those made from glass. Purchasing a crystal file that also has a coarse pumice on one side allows for shaping using the coarse grit and finishing with the fine grit of the crystal on the other side.


To determine which nail file has the finest grit level for shaping, the buyer should look for a number level. Crystal files with a higher number have a finer grit, making them perfect for delicate work. Lower numbers are coarser grits, which are usually best for filing stronger nails, callouses, and heals.

Choosing a durable crystal file can help ensure the file will last for several years. Crystal files are made using recycled crystals of various qualities. The finest crystal nail files are made of glass, while more affordable options are often created using recycled garnet. Professional beauty supply stores usually offer the widest selection of recycled crystal files.

Sanitation problems can also be avoided through the use of crystal nail files. Metallic nail files can be difficult to clean, and it is nearly impossible to clean cardboard nail files. Crystal files typically are easier to clean and can be sanitized with hot water or alcohol after or before use. The ability to quickly sanitize crystal files make them perfect for professionals who wish to reuse nail files without risking the spread of nail fungus.

Using recently sanitized nail files during pedicures can greatly reduce the chance of many blood infections as well. This additional protection makes files made with crystal a popular choice with diabetics. Medical professionals encourage diabetic patients who experience unexpected foot bleeding to use regularly sanitized files made of crystal for foot care.


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