How Do I Choose the Best Adhesive for Hair Extensions?

Used improperly, hair extension glue can damage the person's real hair.
Hair extensions may be particularly beneficial to individuals experiencing severe hair loss.
A stylist putting in hair extensions.
Fusion extensions use heat to bond to natural hair.
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There are different types of adhesive for hair extensions, including glue sticks and various types of glue, and the best one is purely a personal choice. Many women desire to have long, thick hair, and the use of hair extensions allows them to have it. Hair extensions have become a fashion trend because they allow you to change your hairstyle easily.

One type of adhesive for hair extensions is glue sticks. The glue sticks are melted and then applied using a glue gun. The melted glue on the hair extension is then attached directly to the hair.

Keratin glue comes in a small tube. It is pre-applied to the hair extension, then placed on the natural hair. Keratin glue also comes in a glue stick to be used with a hot glue gun. After you attach the hair extension to the natural hair, press and hold it for three seconds and it will be securely attached.

Bonding glue is another type of adhesive for hair extensions. This is the easiest type of hair extension glue to use. This type of adhesive can be easily dissolved with a special type of chemical. When removing the hair extension, after applying water, the glue becomes a powder and then is easily washed out.


Liquid bonding glue is cold glue that comes in a bottle. This type of adhesive for hair extensions attaches the hair extension directly to the hair. Apply a small amount of the liquid glue along the hair weft, and wait a few seconds until it becomes tacky. When it is tacky, attach it directly to the natural hair. If you wait too long, the glue can become very stringy and sticky.

Hair extension glue can damage real hair if it is not used correctly. Using this type of adhesive takes proper maintenance and care. Preferably, hair extensions should be applied by a professional, because they can be hard to handle. They also are very difficult to do alone.

Hair extensions are made from human hair or synthetic fibers. There are different methods used to apply hair extensions, such as clipping them onto the hair, braiding them into the hair or using adhesive to apply them. People use hair extensions to lengthen short hair, make their hair appear thicker, add highlights or add color to their hair.


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