How Do I Choose between Distilled Water and Spring Water?

Both distilled and spring water are safe for drinking.
Spring water will have minerals, while distilled water does not.
Distilled water contains no trace minerals due to the way it is processed, while spring water comes from the ground and offers natural minerals.
Some people prefer to drink bottled spring water.
Distilled and spring waters have varied tastes, but both categories are produced under strict regulations.
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When choosing between distilled water and spring water, personal preference and counsel from a health care professional may be taken into account. Both types of water are produced under strict regulations by many different regional and national government agencies. They are safe to be consumed on a regular basis, and do not pose major health threats. Each type of water presents a unique taste and a distinct set of potential health benefits based on the ways in which they are manufactured and bottled.

The primary difference between distilled water and spring water is the way in which they are produced. Distilled water is typically manufactured through man-made technologies in which the water is heated until it becomes steam. Once the temperature of the water begins to lower, it is collected again after it has condensed. The finished product contains no minerals and no harmful elements. Spring water is collected from natural, underground sources in which the water has been filtered by rocks in the earth to remove impurities, and does contain many different types of trace minerals.


There is a great amount of debate between researchers, scientists, and doctors concerning which type of water consumers should drink. Some scientists believe that distilled water, which does not contain any additional mineral content, is capable of leeching beneficial nutrients and minerals out of the human body, such as magnesium and calcium. Other researchers feel that there is evidence to support the theory that spring water is more dangerous to consumers, believing that it increases those minerals present in the body to harmful and potentially toxic levels. The production of distilled water and spring water is regulated by most national government agencies around the world, however, making them both essentially safe to drink by the general population.

The final choice between distilled water and spring water rests with the consumer, and some individuals may decide to base their preference on taste. Spring water typically has a more pleasing taste to the palate than distilled water, which is often described as tasting flat and stale. Others may be directed by a health care professional to consume only distilled water for reasons relating to medications they are taking or medical conditions they may have. Those who are concerned about the possible harmful side effects of drinking one type of water over the other should consult with their doctors to determine the best solution for their lifestyles.


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