How Do I Become a Quality Assurance Manager?

Experience in useful for people who want to become quality assurance managers.
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As a quality assurance manager, you will have the job of making sure established standards are met when producing and providing products and services. To become a quality assurance manager, you will typically need to earn a bachelor's degree in a field such as quality assurance or business, or in a field appropriate for the industry in which you will work. Most employers will also want you to have related experience when you seek this job, which you can obtain through internships and paid work in a non-management quality assurance position. Additionally, certification may help you land this job.

A bachelor's degree is typically required when you want to become a quality assurance manager. Most employers advertise for job candidates who have degrees in majors such as quality assurance or business, but you could also secure this position after earning a degree in a field such as statistics or computer science. No matter which degree program you choose, however, you will likely need to take certain courses to prepare for this job. For example, statistics, business, and human resource courses will likely prove helpful as you pursue this career. Additionally, taking computer classes and those related to communications may provide good preparation.


You will typically need related experience when you want to become a quality assurance manager. The amount of experience required varies from employer to employer, but many companies give preference to individuals who have at least five or six years of related work history. Likewise, an employer may prefer to hire candidates with extensive experience in his particular industry. For example, if you want to become a quality assurance manager for an engineering company, you may need experience not only in quality assurance, but also in the engineering industry.

While gaining experience in quality assurance is critical when you want to become a quality assurance manager, you might find landing your first job a challenge. If you can get some experience while you are still in college, however, the contacts and references you gain may make it easier to convince an employer to give you a job. As such, you might benefit from participating in a quality assurance internship.

Though it's not always required, you may do well to seek quality assurance certification when you want to become a quality assurance manager. Earning certification may help you demonstrate that you have met certain standards of preparation for a career in this field. The requirements for certification vary, but typically include related experience and education, and may involve passing a test as well.


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