How Do I Become a Medical Examiner Assistant?

A medical examiner may test for the presence of harmful chemicals during an autopsy.
An aspiring medical examiner assistant may start her career as a general practitioner.
A medical examiner's findings may be particularly beneficial in cases involving a sudden death.
Attending medical school is a requirement for becoming a medical examiner assistant.
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The path you have to follow to become a medical examiner assistant will likely depend on the jurisdiction in which you plan to work. In most cases, however, you will need to earn a doctor of medicine degree and complete a medical internship to qualify for this job. Once you've done so, you will likely have to seek a certificate from a pathology organization in your jurisdiction, which usually involves demonstrating that you have received the appropriate education and passing an exam. Your jurisdiction may also require you to become licensed before beginning this career.

The first step you typically have to take to become a medical examiner assistant is earning a high school diploma or its equivalent. In most places, one of these credentials is required for admission to college, which will likely be your next step toward becoming a medical examiner assistant. Once you've enrolled in college, you will usually spend about four years earning a bachelor's degree as the next step toward this career. You typically can choose any major you like in preparation for medical school, but a science major may provide you with particularly good preparation for your studies and eventually your career.


After enrolling in medical school, you will likely have to spend about four years studying to earn a doctor of medicine degree. This is required by most jurisdictions when you want to become a medical examiner assistant. This degree, however, is usually not the extent of the education you need to pursue this career. In most jurisdictions, you will also have to complete a residency program before you can go on to get a job as a medical examiner assistant. Additionally, you will typically have to pass an exam or series of exams to become licensed as a doctor in your jurisdiction.

Many jurisdictions will also require you to earn a forensic pathology certificate before you become a medical examiner assistant. The requirements for this certificate vary according to the organization responsible for issuing it. Usually, however, the process for obtaining the certificate includes showing proof that you have earned a doctor of medicine degree and a physician license. Some places may also require additional licensing.

In addition to education, a degree and a pathology certificate, you will need certain skills and qualities to become a medical examiner assistant. You will likely need an analytical mind and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to pay attention to detail and stay organized. You will also need good written and verbal communication skills as well as compassion when dealing with the loved ones of the deceased.


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