How Do I Become a Hotel Housekeeper?

Hotel housekeepers must provide spotless rooms for guests.
Hotel housekeepers are responsible for making sure rooms are stocked with toiletries.
A hotel housekeeper is responsible for providing clean towels.
Hotel housekeepers make sure rooms are stocked with plenty of toilet paper.
Executive housekeepers can be certified through training and experience.
A hotel housekeeper should have a high school diploma.
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A high school diploma may or may not be required if you want to become a hotel housekeeper. The most important quality an aspiring hotel housekeeper needs to have is the ability to create a flawlessly clean room very quickly. Most hotels train housekeepers on the job; the new housekeeper is expected to work efficiently while following rules and meeting expectations.

The exact requirements to keep assigned hotel rooms clean vary with different hotels. Having a time limit in which to clean each room is something all hotels tend to have, so you should practice cleaning quickly yet thoroughly if you want to become a hotel housekeeper. You'll need to be in good physical condition since hotel housekeeping is fast-paced and labor intensive.

Becoming an effective hotel housekeeper means understanding the difference between how to clean rooms after check out time and keeping an occupied room clean. Occupied rooms mean you must always provide cleaning service as the room guest requests. Every hotel's business relies on satisfied guests, so you can't barge into a guest's room according to your cleaning plan if the guest doesn't want his or her accommodation cleaned then. The guest may have the door sign out requesting no maid service until a later time and you'll have to adjust your schedule as necessary. Oftentimes, there may still be a request for fresh glasses or clean towels, and the housekeeper will need to follow the particular instructions.


While towels typically get replaced daily at most hotels, bed linens don't usually get changed each day except at the most expensive luxury establishments. Beds always get made daily, unless a guest requests otherwise; you'll need to be able to put together a perfectly neat bed in about a minute if you want to become a hotel housekeeper. You'll also have to learn how to place the pillows on the bed so they're at the same height to create a neat look under the bedspread. A supply-stocked cart that you push down the hallways will help you provide fresh towels and toiletries for hotel guests.

Hotel rooms need a thorough cleaning by a housekeeper after a guest checks out. The room must end up being fresh and shining everywhere with not even a hint of dust. If you want to become a hotel housekeeper, you may be responsible for as many as 20 rooms. When filling out an application to apply for a job at a certain hotel, make sure you find out what the hotel's expectations will be so you can fill out the form in a way that will present you as their ideal housekeeper.



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