How Can I Reduce the Symptoms of Gout?

Orange juice may alleviate the discomfort caused by gout.
Fried foods should be eliminated from a diet to reduce symptoms of gout.
Certain vegetables that are high in acid, like asparagus, can reduce the symptoms of gout.
Eating bananas can help prevent a gout attack.
Full fat dairy products can exacerbate gout.
To relieve gout symptoms, foods high in uric acids, like cauliflower, should be avoided.
Oily fish should be avoided in the diet to reduce symptoms of gout.
Aspirin may aggravate gout symptoms.
Many types of meat, especially those high in fat can contribute to gout.
Gout attacks are less likely in those with healthy blood pressure readings.
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Gout is a painful condition afflicting the joints, primarily in the feet and the knees. Most people who have gout get flare-ups, which are due to excessive amounts of uric acid accumulating in the joints. This uric acid is not appropriately processed by the kidneys and occurs in high amounts. With the exception of diseases causing gout that may be untreatable, there are ways to modify lifestyle and diet if you are subject to the condition, which can help reduce the symptoms of gout.

Eating foods or drinking liquids high in uric acid often brings on gouty attacks. To reduce the symptoms, you should avoid the following foods and drinks:

  • Red meat
  • Oily fish like anchovies, salmon, trout, cod and most shellfish
  • Turkey and goose
  • Certain vegetables high in acids like asparagus, and cauliflower
  • Mushrooms
  • Legumes like peas, lentils and beans
  • Products containing yeast like bread
  • All fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated products
  • Sodas
  • Cream sauces, or any foods containing cream like ice cream or rich desserts


People tend to be afflicted more with gout attacks if they are overweight. To reduce the symptoms of gout you should get daily exercise, and try to lose weight through diet modifications, but not through fasting, diuretics or caffeine pills since this can actually increase attacks. Exercise can also help to reduce blood pressure, since higher blood pressure tends to make gout attacks occur more frequently. One of the key elements in both weight loss and to reducing gout symptoms is to drink plenty of water. Make sure your intake of water is at least six to eight 8 ounce (0.24 liter) glasses daily.

Some medical professionals suggest that you can reduce the symptoms of gout by taking 1 teaspoon (4.6 g) of baking powder with each meal, which helps to lower uric acid levels. When you’re in the middle of a gout attack, you should avoid aspirin. Instead take low dose levels of medications like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium. Keeping the afflicted leg elevated can also reduce the symptoms, as can eating high potassium foods. Consider adding foods like bananas, baked potatoes, orange juice, and other potassium rich foods when you are in the midst of a gout attack.

When gout attacks occur often and are severe, healthcare professionals may prescribe medications to help reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, some of these medications like allopurinol and colchicine have fairly significant side effects. A newer drug, febuxostat, has shown significant promise in reducing uric acid levels quickly without too many side effects.


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Post 4

Vitamin C: yes (orange juice or other sources), pure Cherry juice or Cherry extract in pill form: Yes; Coffee: no.

Too much caffeine can aggravate gout, but drinking cherry juice and other dark berry juices (blueberry, strawberry) can reduce gout suffering. But the juice should be 100 percent pure juice, preferably tart cherry juice (although black cherry is also good, but not as effective as tart cherry).

Look up pure tart cherry juice gout relief and you'll find sources. Don't just get some off-the-shelf "cherry juice" drink from the grocery store. That will be made from concentrate and it's not 100 percent pure tart cherry.

Post 2

A medical article suggests to cut down on drinking fruity drinks and sodas.

The reason for that is that those drinks increase the level of uric acid in the body and that in turn causes gout forming process. The same article suggests that coffee might actually be helpful and reduce the risk, while tea, particularly without sugar does not cause gout.

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I've also heard that vitamin c, coffee, and cherries might help lower uric acid amounts.

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