How can I Prepare to Host a Bachelorette Party?

An evening at a classy restaurant may be a great idea for a bachelorette party.
Checklists may be helpful during a bachelorette party.
Dancing at a club may be part of a bachelorette party.
Shots are often consumed at a bachelorette party.
Bachelorette party hosts may decide to rent a limousine.
Brides may wear a special tiara during a bachelorette party.
A bachelorette party might include a toast to the bride-to-be.
A bachelorette party may consist of a wild night of drinking.
Going out to sing karaoke can be a fun bachelorette party activity.
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The old 80s tune, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” is a great motto to keep in mind if you are to host a bachelorette party. Planning a party that is one step up from a girl’s night out is the surest way to please the bride-to-be and all her guests. A wild night of drinking, an evening at a classy restaurant, or a visit to an exotic male club are great ideas for a bachelorette party. Even better, host a bachelorette party that includes all of the above.

Host a bachelorette party sure to be unforgettable by bringing lots of props and gag gifts. Phallus shaped necklaces, water guns and other props are hilarious to many brides-to-be and their guests. Also, provide the bride with a special tiara or veil to wear to publicly announce she is about to take the plunge. This also helps ensure a little forgiveness for wild parties and questionable behavior that takes place in public.


It is very popular to host a bachelorette party with a few good bachelorette games. A checklist of tasks for the bride to complete during the party, such as kissing the first bald man she comes across or asking strangers to donate money to her honeymoon fund, add a lot of excitement and laughs to the event. If you host a bachelorette party that includes these types of games, be sure to have everyone sign an oath of secrecy! These contracts are usually readily available alongside all the other props and games designed for bachelorette parties.

It is important to host a bachelorette party that makes the bride-to-be feel like a queen, so make sure that you have arranged for safe transportation for everyone. Renting a limousine for the duration or the party can serve both purposes. This mode of transportation can be made easily affordable by asking all the guests to chip in.

A bachelorette party is designed to celebrate the passage from single life to married life, obviously a life altering event. Creativity on the part of the person designated to host a bachelorette party will surely be appreciated by all. Many hostesses opt to skip the girl’s night out type of party and host a bachelorette party at a spa, a cruise, a nostalgic sleepover party or a theme party inspired by any special interests of the bride-to-be.


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