How Can I Deal with Heavy Bleeding during Menstruation?

Women who experience particularly heavy cycles may need to change their pads or tampons every hour.
Super tampons are larger and much more absorbent than regular tampons and are ideally suited for heavy bleeding during menstruation.
Having an IUD placed inside the uterus tends to thin out the uterine lining so that there is less blood to lose during menstruation.
Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin K.
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Many women have experienced heavy bleeding during menstruation at least once, while others suffer through it regularly. Either way, the good news is that there may be some ways to treat the issue aside from just buying particularly absorbent tampons. For example, if you want to try treating it at home, you may consider taking vitamins A, K, and C. Herbal remedies may also help, including chaste tree and yarrow, to name a few herbs that are commonly used for this purpose. Of course, if these remedies are not able to stop heavy bleeding during menstruation, you may need to see a doctor to consider the use of synthetic hormones or iron supplements, as well as to rule out any underlying complications.


In some cases, a vitamin deficiency can cause heavy bleeding during menstruation, which means that you can usually solve the problem by increasing your intake of certain types. For instance, vitamin K is often necessary if you need to stop heavy bleeding since it encourages the blood to clot. If you notice that you bruise easily, and any cuts that you get tend to bleed profusely, you should consider increasing your intake of cauliflower, spinach, or similar foods that are rich in vitamin K. Antioxidants are also often helpful in preventing heavy bleeding, as vitamins A and C are both recommended for this use. Vitamin A can protect cells from damage while stopping excessive bleeding, and vitamin C tends to make the blood vessels and capillaries stronger.

Herbs may help just as much as certain vitamins do when it comes to stopping heavy bleeding during menstruation. Chaste tree is just one herbal remedy that is known for preventing excessive blood loss during the period, though yarrow and nettles can often do the same. These can usually be taken in pill form, which can be purchased from most vitamin or health food stores, though some users prefer to create oils, teas, or tinctures of herbal remedies.

Natural treatments do not work for everyone, which is why some women may have to see a doctor about their heavy flow. Oral contraceptives may be prescribed since they can regulate the cycle, shortening the length of the period while also reducing the blood flow. Having an IUD placed inside the uterus can also help, as it tends to thin out the uterine lining so that there is less blood to lose during menstruation. In some cases, though, heavy bleeding during menstruation is a symptom of an underlying disorder that needs to be diagnosed and treated. In the meantime, the doctor may suggest iron supplements to prevent anemia, which is often the result of excessive blood loss.


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