Can You Spell the Word Criminal from Any Presidential Names?

The names of two United States Presidents can be rearranged to spell the word criminal — Presidents Nixon and Clinton. There is a long tradition of making anagrams out of President's names, and even entire websites devoted to listing out all the variations. Although some are more nonsensical than others, every President's name can be used to make at least one anagram.

More facts about American presidential names:

  • Lyndon B. Johnson was very fond of his initials. Both of his children, Luci Baines Johnson and Lynda Byrd Johnson shared his initials, as did his wife, in a way "Lady Bird" Johnson.

  • Many of the US Presidents also have unusual middle names, including Warren Gamaliel Harding and Rutherford Birchard Hayes.

  • Almost every American President has a nickname too. Some of the more interesting ones include Benjamin Harrison, known as "Kid Gloves Harrison," and Martin Van Buren, "The Red Fox of Kinderhook."

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