Can People Walk a Straight Line Without a Reference Point?

People are almost always unable to walk in a straight line without a reference point. This is true with people who are blindfolded, as well as people who are walking without a clear reference point such as the sun or a mountain. Researchers don't know why people can't walk in a straight line without a reference point, but oddly enough, people tend to walk in straighter lines on sunny days and in more circular lines on overcast days.

More facts about directions:

  • Scientists think that humans are born with an innate sense of direction, but they don't know why some people are better at finding their way around than others.

  • It's not just walking that is affected. Humans also can't drive or swim in a straight line without visual input.

  • The geography of a place doesn't affect our ability to walk in a straight line either. Researchers have replicated these results from the desert to the woods to the beach, and in each place, humans simply can't walk straight without visual input.

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