At What Age Did Joan Rivers Have Her First Plastic Surgery?

Comedienne and outspoken advocate for plastic surgery, Joan Rivers, reportedly had her first plastic surgery at age 32: an eye lift procedure back in 1965. In 2012, Rivers went on record claiming she had had an estimated 739 different plastic surgery procedures, but that figure was thought to be a joke. Over her lifetime in the entertainment field, Rivers admitted to getting a variety of procedures, including multiple nose jobs and face lifts, liposuction, an eye lift, and regular facial Botox injections to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Although Rivers had extensive cosmetic surgery, she said she did not, however, have any tattoos.

More about Joan Rivers:

  • Rivers was a department store shoe buyer before she broke into the entertainment industry.

  • In 1986, Rivers became the first female to host a late night talk show on network television, which no other female has done as of 2014.

  • Rivers’ parents were Russian immigrants, and she was an avid collector of FabergĂ© eggs, rare antique Russian jeweled eggs created in a limited edition from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

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