Are There More Chickens or People in the World?

There are more chickens populating the planet than people. In fact, the number of chickens in 2002 is more than twice the number of people in 2010. In 2002, 15.9 billion chickens scratched the Earth versus about 7 billion in 2010.

More Cluck-Cluck Facts:

  • By a large margin, the country with the most chickens is China. In 2002, almost four billion chickens resided in China. Coincidence or not, China also has the most people.

  • Chickens can run up to 9 miles per hour (14.5 kilometers per hour).

  • Chickens are 75 percent water; compared to humans who are about 60 percent water, give or take.
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    Post 4

    I love that comment because I feel the same way. I would rather be with my birds than people. They give me love, warmth and eggs as where people give grief, sadness and nothing good. Maybe one day chickens will get revenge on humans who abuse them. That would be awesome.

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    I love chickens and hate people. They are more loving than people and don't treat you like crap. I wish there were fewer people in this world and more chickens.

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