Are Dogs Popular Pets in China?

In 1979, China addressed its population explosion by adopting a policy that prevented families from having more than one child. According to the Chinese government, that policy prevented 400 million births. But in 2015, the Communist Party of China relaxed the restrictions and changed the law to allow two children per family. In contrast, a number of cities -- including Qingdao and Shanghai -- are cracking down on dog ownership, allowing residents to have only one dog per family.

Canine population control:

  • Families that have more than one pup will be required to surrender the animals to an adoption agency.

  • The new policy also bans so-called “ferocious” dog breeds, including pit bulls, Doberman Pinschers, and Tibetan Mastiffs.

  • Dog owners are required to register pets, and non-compliance will result in a fine equivalent to $60 USD.

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There is an overpopulation of humans on this planet, agreed. But dogs? In fact millions of dogs are in need of a proper home. This stupid policy puts more dogs in animal shelters.

All over the world people are encouraged to adopt more pets from animal shelters. China is kind of the reverse!

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