Are Desk Jobs Unhealthy?

Sitting for more than six hours a day, as is required by many desk jobs, can cause serious health problems and even reduce a person's lifespan. Several studies have linked long-term sitting with a greatly increased chance of obesity, and others have shown that prolonged sitting, especially while using a computer, can cause hypertension, tendinitis, migraines and depression.

More facts about sitting and desk jobs:

  • The majority of Americans spend about eight hours a day sitting at their desk jobs and another four hours sitting to watch TV or play computer games.

  • About 40 percent of Americans report experiencing eyestrain, and more than 45 percent report experiencing back and neck pain after using computers — much of which could be prevented by proper workspace configuration and different working habits.

  • A woman's risk for metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by belly fat gain and a precursor to diabetes, jumps by more than 25 percent for every hour per day spent sitting in front of a TV.

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